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Massage is an ancient yet timeless form of healing, and the ways in which we respond to high quality and sensitive touch can be profound. Touch enables us to reconnect with, re-tune, nurture and celebrate our bodies, these incredible forms which allow us movement and life.

Massage can be grounding, uplifting, calming, bliss; it encourages a state of embodiment which is so important but can be all too easily forgotten.

In Holistic massage we consider the entire person; not as a collection of separate systems, but as an integrated and sophisticated whole. We acknowledge the aspects of mind, body, emotion and spirit, as well as nature and community. By observing the roots and strands of massage therapy and bodywork from around the world, we are gifted with an extensive and powerful set of principles and techniques which we can apply with awareness to bring ease and embodiment to clients.

Positive touch with positive intentions.

The use of skilled touch and awareness to manipulate the soft tissues of the body can bring about both instant and longer term changes including: increased circulation of blood and lymph, the release of muscular tension, increased joint mobility, lowered blood pressure, improved quality of sleep, decreased stress levels, and much more. Crucially, massage can facilitate rest and restoration by encouraging the switch to our parasympathetic nervous system, whereby our physiology recognises that we are safe and able to let go; our breathing deepens, muscles relax, heart rate slows, and our bodies can focus on vital functions such as digestion and healing. Giving our bodies this time to relax and restore balance is an excellent measure we can take to help prevent or alleviate symptoms of chronic conditions caused by stress, strengthen our immune systems, and boost our general sense of wellbeing. Sometimes, we just need to be able to let go and feel nurtured!

It's important to celebrate our bodies and our innate capacity for healing and thriving.

We are all aware that modern living isn’t always conducive to the state of balance which we call health. Our bodies are absolute powerhouses, we can push them to their limits and neglect them daily, yet they continue to support us. Massage nurtures our whole being in a way that we somehow forget we need. Recognition of the positive benefits and potential of massage therapy (and other complementary therapies) is on the rise, and I firmly believe in the incredible potential and importance of such healing modalities. A weekly, fortnightly, or monthly massage could feel transformative and have a profoundly positive impact on your life.

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