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Pregnancy massage is a beautiful, calming experience for both mother and baby. Nurturing massage allows you to deeply connect with your pregnancy; enabling you to feel more comfortable and relaxed in your changing body, whilst bonding with your little one. Creating this space for relaxation throughout your nine months of pregnancy (and beyond) can bring new levels of ease, support, and connection to your experience. This is time set aside entirely for you; a sacred space that can help to serve your everchanging needs.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy include:

  • Help to relieve nausea and tiredness

  • Reduced stress and anxiety

  • Improved mood; endorphin release

  • Improved sleep

  • Relieve pain and tension in the body

  • Enhanced bonding with growing baby

  • Ease oedema (water retention)

  • Aid circulation

It is a joy to be able to support mothers and their babies during this special time. I work sensitively and honour the experience of each individual, with the understanding that pregnancy can give rise to different emotions and challenges for different people.


My aim is to help you feel seen, nurtured, and restored; to provide a calm space where life’s pressures can melt away, where you can focus entirely on the nourishment of your whole self and your baby.

Pregnancy massage sessions follow a similar flow to that outlined in What to expect. One of the main differences is that we will mostly be working in a side-lying position, using bolster cushions and blankets for support where necessary. A pregnancy-specific consultation will provide you with the space to discuss anything that might be surfacing for you at present, and provide me with any relevant information I might need to give you a safe and effective massage.

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