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I provide a confidential and non-judgmental space where I can meet you wherever you are at on the day. Together, we will figure out a treatment plan that will be best received by the your whole self, and leave you feeling more grounded, energised, and restored. Each treatment is unique – I work intuitively, guided by a pre-agreed plan made during our initial consultation.

I call upon a wide range of techniques, each informed by how the client is presenting on the day and what they feel they need from the massage. Long, Swedish-style effleurage strokes may be used to help ease clients into a deep state of relaxation, in which their bodies have a greater capacity to heal and let go of tension, whilst tapping and percussion may be employed to energise and bring a client into a state of present awareness. Where pain, injury or specific conditions are present we can work remedially to ease soft tissue tensions, provide some respite, and encourage the body back into a state of flow and self-healing. I aim to create space in the body and mind, and encourage that that space be filled with nourishment and ongoing healing potential.

The specifics


Roshven and surrounding areas, Moidart.

Before we meet:

We may speak on the phone prior to meeting in person to make sure that the treatment will be suitable for you. If medical conditions are present I may ask that you check with your GP to make sure that it’s safe to pursue, and if for any reason massage isn’t on the cards we can postpone for now.

Initial consultation:

The first thing we will do when you arrive for your first massage is complete a detailed initial consultation. This will allow us to piece together relevant information to make sure that we can make the treatment as effective as possible.

We will check in on how you are feeling physically and mentally, and what your hopes are for the session. I will ask about any medical conditions, your medical history, and any medications you are taking – this will inform how I plan the massage, which techniques I will use, plus areas of the body to focus on or avoid.

We will discuss the treatment, acknowledging any specifics that you want me to focus on, and outline a clear plan. I will leave the room to wash my hands and allow you time to undress down to your underwear, and lie underneath the top sheet on the massage table. If it’s cold I will make sure I put my massage table warmer on, and have some extra blankets on hand!

During the massage

Throughout the massage, any areas that I am not working on will be securely covered by a drape, and I will communicate with you if I need to adjust it at any point. I will encourage you to relax and focus on your breathing during the massage to allow our work to settle, but we will maintain open communication during the massage in case there are areas you’d like me to stick with, the pressure needs adjusting, or if I feel it might be beneficial to stray from our plan a little.


After the massage:

Once the hands-on massage work has finished, I will leave the room to wash my hands and allow you to redress. When I return we will check in on how you are feeling, and how the treatment was for you. This can be extremely useful for you to observe any changes you feel in your body. Also, if you come back for further sessions this helps me to respond to your unique needs by gaining a clearer picture of techniques which were particularly effective, and what might be helpful in the future. We will discuss aftercare and I will suggest you drink lots of water.

Please bring a bottle of water with you! I ask that you arrive in good time for your appointment to maximise treatment time.

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